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You take care of others ...   Let us take care of you!






Our Mission




The mission of our center is to heal, transform, energize, rejuvenate and promote long term health and beauty in a complete, service-oriented, elegant and serene environment through an alternative medicine.




First Initial Visit $65  Adjustments $40

We accept most health insurance, treat Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation and Auto Accidents


           Reiki  by Becky             

Reiki   In this hands-on system of bodywork, therapists act as conduits, transferring healing forces into the bodies of their clients through holds and gentle pressure applied to precise areas of the body that coincide with energy meridians. 

$40 / 30 min.   $60 / 60 min.


Facial Treatments


Hydrating Mineral Facial    Rejuvenating facial with moisturizing benefits, puts back minerals & balances the PH level making your complexion look brighter & healthier.  Facial includes: Cleansing, exfoliating, mini massage, masque, toner,  finish off with an SPF 30 moisturizer.  30min./ $50

 Deep Cleanse Facial   Includes a deep cleanse,  microfoliant scrub, unique based enzyme powder that exfoliates dull debris & helps stimulate cell renewal, relaxing massage releasing facial tension, follow with galvanic treatment,  replenishing masque, herbal toner, serum, and ends with an SPF 30 moisturizer.  60min./$80

Acne Purifying Facial    A deep cleansing facial that addresses acne prone or congested skin. Our treatments utilizes a combination or enzymes & sulfur treatments helping the PH level & calming the dermis. 60 min./ $85

Anti -Aging  Facial   Lifting, Firming and hydrating the skin using galvanic spa treatment which helps draw out all the toxins out of the skin making it look and feel flawless.  60min./ $90



Paraffin wax (Hand or Feet)..............$10                                       Reflexology  Feet ..............................$30                                                      Wrinkle Free Hand Treatment.........$15./15min.





Deep Muscle Therapy    Focusing on deep layers of muscle,  releases chronic tension in the body. This technique uses slow strokes and strong pressure.  Improves flexibility, alleviates muscle pain and relief stressed muscle tissue.   $75 / 1 hr.

Swedish Massage   The most widely used method today, Swedish massage uses light stroking, kneading and friction techniques on the superficial layers of muscles, while incorporating movement of the joints.   $65 /1 hr.

Shiatsu   Japanese massage stimulates points along the body's meridians, or energy pathways, by using pressure. Corresponding points on both sides of the body are stimulated at the same time. Firm pressure is applied using the fingers or thumbs, just to the verge of pain. Pressure is either maintained for one to three minutes or applied at intervals of ten seconds.    $85 /1 hr.

Pregnancy Massage   This gentle massage reduces discomfort and increases positive emotions in pregnant women. (Note: Because some massage can induce labor, a physician's referral is often required.)   $80 /1 hr.

Hot Stone Therapy    Stone massage fosters healing, relaxation and a spiritual connection to the earth. Warm stones increase circulation, balances the body's energy and promote relaxation for deep tissue massage. $90/1 hr.

Reflexology   A massage that focuses on acupuncture points in hands and feet linked to other parts of the body through energy pathways. $50 /30 min.

Trigger Point Therapy    Pressure is applied to specific muscles to stop spasm or pain.  Improves flexibility and alleviates muscle pain.  $50 / 30 min.





Hanna Body Art 



By appointment only...  Starting from  $8 + up

Chéta cancellation policy is 24hr.

1900 E. 27th Street, Signal Hill, CA  90755 (562)624-4626   (Parking at our parking lot)  Willow & Cherry  next to  Best Buy



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